Hi, I'm Jamie! A research-driven UX designer who strives to create products that empower people.

M.S. User Experience student at Arizona State University
UX designer @ GIT Creative Agency 👩🏻 💻


A little context...

As a designer with a background in marketing and merchandising, I have always practiced how to deliver products that resonate with people. While working in merchandising, I analyzed sales trends and conducted research to shape the next successful product.  These experiences taught me how to rapidly design products that cater to both user and business needs.  It also gave me plenty of opportunities to present my work, gather feedback, and iterate.

I now utilize those skills to make enjoyable and empowering experiences for users while working towards my Master's degree! Recently, I have been volunteering on a cross functional team of designers, researchers, and engineers creating a web app to assist Los Angeles city planners and developers.